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Askania fire

Askania fire

  • Askania Feuer Gartenfackel

Askania fire – the garden torch

The Askania fire - the garden torch is made at the foot of the castle ruins of the Askanian dynasty in Ascherleben. The super dry torch burns in wind and weather with a bright, warm flame. With a long burning time, the Askania garden torch brings an exciting fire play into your garden.

At a glance

  • made of up to 85% natural fibres of the planing and sawing industry
  • in combination with clean polyolefins
  • made in Germany
  • long burning time with bright, warm light (up to 75 min)
  • even burning down
  • no smoke and soot
  • super dry wood
  • burns even in stormy and wet weather
  • Dimensions: 8 x 30 cm
  • Use torches only outdoors and burn down under supervision
  • Put the torch in the torch holder, place it vertically upwards, make sure it stands securely
  • Remove label
  • Ensure sufficient air supply from below
  • Observe wind direction - maintain an appropriate safety distance from easily flammable materials
  • Always light torches out of reach of children and pets
  • 1-2 light cubes at the top of the torch and light them
  • Do not use a liquid lighter!
  • to extinguish the torch prematurely, immerse it in a metal container filled with water or suffocate it with damp sand
Sources of supply:
  • from all timber dealers and building material dealers with the megawood® range
  • in selected shops in the Aschersleben region
Note: megawood® products can only be purchased from specialist dealers. Please use the dealer search. You can also find out the end customer prices from the dealer. Dealers may also be able to offer the sale online.

You are welcome to make an enquiry about prices or sources of supply using our contact form to the megawood® general sales department (Holz-Speckmann, contact person: Mr Mannefeld) or call us at +49 (0) 5201 / 189 - 234.

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