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The FIX STEP substructure system is no longer part of the current megawood® range. You will find a replacement for quick assembly with our variable substructure system VARIO FIX with immediate effect.

megawerker with professional competence

megawerker Patrick Stark

   Patrick Stark

megawerker Patrick Stark

"I can build that up with a clear conscience."

Patrick Stark, megawerker and employee of NOVO-TECH, is very familiar with the megawood® material. Terraces, fences and special applications - the megawood® products are worked on by his megawerker hands and subjected to practical tests. "I used to work with wood, always had splinters in my hands. megawood® is just as easy to work with as wood - but more robust, free from dangerous splinters and above all, durable." Whether party or rest area: "You can enjoy your own terrace particularly quickly if the substructure is reasonable", says Patrick Stark. By this he means the sophisticated megawood® terrace system. "The planks are easy to install: simply adjust the height, click the joists into place and lock the planks together with the Zammer invisibly." This is how the experienced megawerker built a 60 m2 roof terrace for the Sportclub SC DHfK e. V. Leipzig within 48 hours using our SIGNUM Tonka - record-breaking.

Inside and outside made of megawood® - absolutely homogeneous

"The system components make the construction of megawood® products so uncomplicated. Everything is coordinated and from one source".

Patrick Stark does not only experience this with the terrace system, the LIMES fence system can also be quickly clicked together with the innovative transom connector - everything is suitable for the various posts and transom variants. "With the construction timber programme, the range is complete. With the planks, even heavily loaded constructions such as stairs, footbridges or roofs can be built according to individual customer requirements.

"The NOVO-TECH employees are happy to pass on their experience in the correct handling of the megawood® products. "In our training centre, the Lindenhof, we regularly hold courses for craftsmen, dealers and assembly companies. In this way, our certified megawood® partners always remain at the cutting edge of technology", says Stark. The megawerker letter completes the range of products and services. Important announcements, material innovations and installation instructions are sent to the megawerkers promptly by newsletter. Together with the VHI we are committed to sustainable building with wood polymer materials at the Institute for Building and Environment.

VARIO FIX the deck built up

Our new VARIO FIX substructure system offers you a consistent and well thought-out system in two variants, which is characterised by simple handling, extremely flexible and infinitely variable height adjustment. Thanks to the 360° ball head, an angle of inclination of up to 10% can be realised without any problems.
VARIO FIX I (40 - 143)
VARIO FIX II (44-242)