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megawood Barfußdiele CLASSIC in Nussbraun


but not ordinary

but not ordinary

No matter how you rotate and turn it, our ClASSIC boards simply fit ineverywhere. The megawood®combination deck board profile allows the boards to be laid on both sides – either with a finely corrugatedor grooved surface. Our megawood®solid deck boards are flexible and are suitable for all applications
megawood Barfußdiele CLASSIC in Basaltgrau und Nussbraun

Details at a glance

Combination floorboard, finely corrugated on one side, grooved on the other side, brushed on both sides, 8 mm gap
21 x 145 mm  |  L: 300  |  360  |  420  |  480  |  540  |  600 cm
21 x 242 mm (Jumbo)  |  L: 420  |  480  |  600 cm
Closure board:
Rhombus profile 20,5 x 81 mm  |   L: 420 cm
Colours and maturation:
megawood Farbreifung Dielen

A = after laying     B = after 1-2 months     C = after 6-8 months

Rhombus profiles
colour assignment:
Lavabraun  Decking Board CLASSIC Lava Brown 
Varia Chocolate Black  Rhombus profile Varia Chocolate Black 

Schiefergrau  Decking Board CLASSIC Slate Grey 
Varia Grey  Rhombus profile Varia Grey 

Basaltgrau  Decking Board CLASSIC Basalt Grey 
Varia Grey  Rhombus profile Sel Gris 

Naturbraun  Decking Board CLASSIC Nature Brown 
Naturbraun  Rhombus profile Nature Brown 

Nussbraun  Decking Board CLASSIC Nut Brown 
Nussbraun  Rhombus profile Nut Brown 

Lern more about our Rhombus profiles

Closed gap:
The gap strip can be used during assembly in the event of adequate gradient and ventilation from underneath
Mounting options:
Locking clamp, Clip
Gap width:
megawood CLASSIC Eigenschaft 1
closed gap
megawood CLASSIC Eigenschaft 3
megawood CLASSIC Eigenschaft 4

Our wood-based material GCC is certified according to Cradle to Cradle Certified® in these categories*:

*GCC HOLZart achieves PLATINUM (Version 3.1, renewal 27 Aug 2024) and
GCC HARZart achieves GOLD (Version 3.1, renewal 31 Jan 2026) in material health.
Cradle to Cradle Certified® is a registered brand of the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.
More information about certification at

  Cradle to Cradle Certificates

Plan your dream terrace now

Try the CLASSIC board in your favourite colour. Order a free sample now and experience the natural megawood® feeling at home. You can find out prices from your local specialist dealer.

High-Tech for extreme weather conditions

The Gentian hut

The Gentian hut
    in Oberstdorf

Enzianhütte Oberstdorf Ines Schwegler

Ines Schwegler reports about her CLASSIC terrace deck at an altitude of 1,800 m

Daniel and Ines Schwegler have realised a dream by converting their mountain guesthouse in the Allgäu Alps. What was particularly important to the hostess of the Gentian hut when selecting the terrace material?

"The weather conditions are extremely rough for months on end here, at a height of 1,800 m and these conditions usually strain all materials", says Ines Schwegler with a sly smile on her face. But not megawood®. "Despite extreme weather conditions that continued through into May in some instances, our terrace still looks the same as it did shortly after our inauguration celebration." The large megawood® CLASSIC terrace laid in 2012 has proven itself despite a permanent fluctuation between rain and sunshine as well as 35,000 hikers that have stopped at the hut in the meantime.

The Gentian hut is passed on from generation to generation. The Schwegler Family thinks in large time dimensions.

„Nature is the most valuable commodity that we must protect on behalf of our grandchildren", says Ines Schwegler. Therefore, the fact that no tree was cut down for megawood® particularly pleases her – also because of and, in fact, especially because of the unspoiled nature that her guests can enjoy from her terrace with a clear conscience.

There is so much more potential in megawood®. The comfortable terrace is only the beginning.

Once megawood® – forever megawood®? The answer is obvious to Ines Schwegler. "The material is so robust and diverse that I would love to buy megawood® blinds, balcony rails or furniture – immediately if I could!" This is because the constant maintenance and replacement of the pure wood elements at the mountain guesthouse take up a lot of time. Time that she would rather give to her guests that brave the climb to the hut each year. The safety and comfort of the hikers is Ines Schwegler's priority. "There is simply nothing better than a relaxing barefoot feeling following a demanding day of hiking, right?“

Link to Gentian hut

Hiking tip: „Fantastic views“

Not only the terrace is an eye-catcher. Anyone who has ever been up here inevitably falls in love with the snow-covered mountain peaks and lush green valleys. In addition, there are culinary delicacies that you won't find anywhere else at this altitude.

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