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megawood im Härtetest mit Oliver Roggisch

„Safety in the air and on the ground“

Oliver Roggisch

This time, our "megawood® endurance test by Oliver Roggisch" series takes the professional athlete to the highest low mountain range in Germany. The Rappode dam in the Harz mountain is the scene for pure Harzdrenalin and a new endurance test for Oli and our megawood® decking boards.

The landing area of megazipline, Europe's largest dual zip wire safely welcomes the visitors on our SIGNUM Muskat deck after their one kilometre nosedive. Oliver Roggisch explains that this is a multifaceted endurance run: „In winter, it is really, really frosty here – snow, hail, wind, rain, storms – truly the kind of weather that you don't want to encounter. So the best material is needed. Naturally megawood® is the answer.“

Our decking boards are also anti-slip when exposed to difficult conditions and are also free from dangerous splinters, the best prerequisites for the speedy arrivals. After successfully landing on our deck, Oli gets up close and personal. His conclusion: „Up to 360 people walk on this beautiful megawood® deck every day throughout the year irrespective of the wind and weather conditions and well as snow. The product was installed at the start of the year and looks as good as new. However, it will look the same in ten years time because the quality is amazing. High five!“


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