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Private home in Ballenstedt

Private home in Ballenstedt

Prince's residence Ballenstedt

Kinder auf einer megawood Treppe

Recurring flowering times

As early as the 17th century, Prince Friedrich Albrecht declared the beautiful town of Ballenstedt his royal residence. He built the representative castle complex on the foundation walls of a former monastery, which today attracts thousands of visitors every year to the Vorharz region. For the palace terraces Albrecht would perhaps also have chosen megawood®, who knows...

300 years later, the inhabitants of Ballenstedt do so with conviction and build relaxing sun terraces made of megawood® in their palaces, gardens and on balconies. Oscillating planed PREMIUM PLUS planks in the colour lava brown were used in this beautiful home. The planks have a width of 242 mm and are therefore ideal for areas of this size.

The gardening enthusiasts from Ballenstedt not only equip their terraces and gardens with megawood® planks, but also use the stable megawood® construction wood to bring new design ideas such as tables, chairs or climbing towers to life. Even the stairs are made of construction planks.

So the people of Ballenstedt have remained creative over the centuries and have created beautiful garden oases. To crown it all, they complete their garden ensemble with durable and easy-care planters made of the same ecological material. Thus the town once again experiences magnificent flowering times in the shade of the historic palace ensemble.