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The Kupfersiefer Mill

The Kupfersiefer Mill

megawood Alles aus einem Werkstoff sandkasten

Heading for the future with
a vision

for our children and grandchildren

Nico Hülkenberg, a Formula 1 racing driver and expert with Servus TV is a fan of GCC composite wood materials, he having stated that not only do they look like wood, they also smell like them.

The Kupfersiefer Mill is to be found in a unique landscape valley with idyllic trails in the middle of a nature reserve that is close to Cologne. Nico Hülkenberg and his friend Oliver Bartsch were attracted to the historic walls and buildings during a hike, they being unable to take their eyes off this object. They quickly decided to purchase the water mill and renovate it, acting in accordance with the terms of a preservation order and thereby using sustainable and healthy materials, without losing any of the charm of the entire historical complex.

"New life should be breathed into the mill in addition to its doors being thrown open to the public. People should come together here, celebrate together, and use the place in order to relax, unwind and feel good."

Oliver Bartsch

During the subsequent planning and carrying out of the renovation work, great value was placed on the use of sustainable materials that save resources.

Our children and grandchildren should experience this place and also become involved in its development.

Sustainability is a subject that both of the owners merely deem to be connecting to handling with healthy materials on the construction site, they also see this as being the joint future operating concept. Nico has planted and cares for olive trees on his own private piece of land and he also harvests them himself so that he can extract the olive oil and enable them to be placed on the plates of his guests later. This means that each of the guests knows where the products provided by the operators come from.

The mill has been elaborately renovated under the sign of sustainable construction and in accordance with the terms of a pre-servation order, it therefore making its con-tribution to a high quality of life.

„Sustainability in its most natural form“

„We have made a conscious decision for the GCC composite wood material from megawood® as this meets the desired characteristics of “Green Buildings“. The Kupfersiefer Mill is located in a very damp area in the middle of a forest, but this does not cause us any difficulties whatsoever thanks to the GCC composite wood material. The material also has a very long stability and megawood® takes its GCC composite material back at the end of its useful life so that they can use it to make new megawood® products.“

Nico Hülkenberg