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Colour diversity
Colour maturation

The pictured surfaces are a representation of the colour shade. You will find the corresponding board structure on the following pages.

The diverse colour range of the megawood® barefootboard is based upon natural colour tones and consequently fits in harmoniously with the individual conditions of your garden. Look forward to a terrace that will become more characteristic over time. Up to 75% of the megawood® barefootboard is made up of natural fibres. The colour effect of the product will continue to change and will obtain its final, natural and permanent colour after a few months depending upon exposure to direct sunlight.

Natural brown

Friendly – light. Our natural brown colour ideally and naturally blends in with the sun-spoiled area of your garden.

Nut brown

Classic – sophisticated. Our nut brown colour strengthens the harmonious design of your terrace and directs attention to the essentials.

Basalt grey

Modern – versatile. Our basalt grey colour is the refined addition for many different styles in the outdoor area of your house.

Lava brown

Warm – appealing. Our lava brown colour conveys a sense of warmth for a stylish design of your terrace.

Slate grey

Elegant – timeless. Our slate grey colour is particularly convincing as an extravagant eye-catcher for modern architecture.


The colour and surface evokes feelings of "India's Gold": The nutmeg. Each surface is unique and shimmers in brown variations, depending on the light.


Tropical and mysterious. Deep-black flows alternate with slate-like textures. The Sun applies light basalt highlights.


Exotically tart - The brown cardamom is the model for the color play of the Dynum floorboard.


The taste of Nigella gives dishes a pleasant spice. He inspired the Dynum bar-foot plank with its high-contrast color.


Ginger is not only popular in healthy cuisine, but also gave our LITUM stone-wood plate and the LIMES fence panel its color designation.


Lorbeer has honored many a successful head. Reason enough for us to name the new color of stone-wood panels and fence panels after it.

Sel Gris

Sel Gris is the 'grey gold' of the seas. This sea salt occurs in nature in varying shades of gray. Just like our LIMES products.

Varia brown

Varia brown is as varied as nature itself. Dark shades alternate with lighter areas that radiate to the edges.

Varia grey

Varia grey is not just plain grey! Different shades of grey blur into a varied play of colors, which unfolds a special effect in the differently profiled areas of the CLASSIC (Varia) plank.

Varia chocolate black

megawood® planks in Varia chocolate black are best seen from their chocolate side. Of course, our floorboards do not melt as quickly as chocolate!