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PREMIUM - floorboard

natural planed

As unique as nature itself: The individually planed floorboard surfaces of our megawood® PREMIUM decking boards. They obtain their lively structure in a patented planing process which makes our product unique. Discover this particular surface structure in interaction with light. You can enjoy even more luxury with PREMIUM PLUS and the finest surface structure in two dark, refined colours.

Details at a glance

Oscillating planed top side, brushed underside, 8 mm gap
21 x 145 mm  |  L:  420  |  480  |  600 cm
21 x 242 mm (Jumbo)   |  L:  420  |  480  |  600 cm
Closure board:
Rhombus profile 20,5 x 81 mm  |   L: 420 cm
Colours and maturation:
Premium Farbreifung2 EN

A = after laying     B = after 1-2 months     C = after 6-8 months

Rhombus profiles
colour assignment:
Basaltgrau  Decking board PREMIUM basalt grey 
Sel Gris  Rhombus profile sel gris 

Naturbraun  Decking board PREMIUM natural brown 
Naturbraun  Rhombus profile natural brown 

Nussbraun  Decking board PREMIUM nut brown 
Nussbraun  Rhombus profile nut brown 

Learn more about our Rhombus profiles

Mounting options:
Locking clamp, Clip
Closed gap:
The gap strip can be used during assembly in the event of adequate gradient and ventilation from underneath
Gap width:

Within these categories, our GCC wood-based panel has been certified according to Cradle to Cradle Certified™*:

Cradle2CradleScorecard Magazin 2021 C2C EN2
C2c Gol 4ClgTM
*Version 3.1, Renewal 27 Aug 2022, with the exception of DELTA decking boards, more information on certification available at
If there is one thing that is definitely in our genes, it is the Cradle to Cradle® principle that each resource serves as a nutrient for a new life cycle. Cradle to Cradle® describes a cycle of materials in which products or raw materials circulate in recurring cycles “from the cradle to the cradle“.

Our GCC (German Compact Composite) material has received the Cradle to Cradle Certified Gold award. This certification is awarded by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.

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Try the PREMIUM board in your favourite colour. Order a free sample now and experience the natural megawood® feeling at home. You can find out prices from your local specialist dealer.

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