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10 reasons for a megawood® pool terrace

A megawood® terrace also offers many advantages as a pool surround compared to other materials such as wood, paving stones or stone slabs. megawood® decks are slip-resistant, even on wet surfaces, and thus ensure more safety at the pool. They are also free of dangerous splinters, so that you can sunbathe directly on the floorboards without worrying about it, which is also good for bare feet. With their natural look and feel, megawood® planks still feel like wood, but they are much more resistant to insects and parasites and, thanks to their surface hardness, also offer good protection against scratches from sun beds and the like. megawood® planks are very easy to care for and do not need to be oiled, painted or varnished, they are colour-fast over the long term and do not turn grey. Our products are solid and through-dyed, thus very robust and durable and can be used in both the private and public swimming pool sector.

10 Gründe für eine megawood Poolterrasse

1. Anti-slip

megawood® decking boards are extremely slip-resistant even on wet surfaces and thus ensure greater safety at the pool.
Free from dangerous splinters

2. Free from
dangerous splinters

Your safety is particularly important to us - in contrast to wooden planks, megawood® patios can be enjoyed barefoot without hesitation.
Solid and dyed through

3. Solid and
dyed through

All megawood® products are solid and through­coloured, without hollow chambers and without plastic skin - for a unique barefoot feeling.
No oiling and painting necessary

4. No oiling and
painting necessary

In comparison with woodproducts, megawood® planks are much easier to care for, regular oiling or painting is not necessary.
Natural look and feel

5. Natural look
and feel

Our products consist of up to 75% natural fibre. This makes them look and feel as natural as wood.
Resistant and durable

6. Resistant
and durable

megawood® terraces are extremely resistant and robust, making them suitable for commercial use for a long time.
Ecologically valuable

7. Ecologically valuable

megawood® planks are made of up to 75% natural fibres. The wood fibres come from sustainably managed wood stocks.

8. Pollutant-free

In terrace construction, megawood® products are the first choice when it comes to the safety of children. This is even certified by the toy suitability of our products.

9. Colourfast

megawood® planks are colourfast and do not turn grey like wood.
Surface Hardness

10. Surface Hardness

Thanks to their surface hardness, our planks offer good protection against scratches from sun beds and the like.

Plan your pool terrace here!

To plan a rectangular* megawood® pool terrace, proceed as follows:

Schritt 1
Select "Garden" in the terrace planner
Schritt 2

Select O-shaped terrace and enter individual dimensions

Schritt 3

View planned pool deck in 3D from all sides

*If you want to plan shapes other than a rectangular terrace, use the free-form tool in our terrace planner.

Tip for use:

Salt water or chlorinated pool water do not leave any permanent wash-out or fading on the planks. So sit back and relax! And if you do want to do something, make sure you clean your terrace regularly. This will result in fewer visible signs of wear.

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