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3D planner

augmented reality

megaplaner 3D

Interactive with Tablet & PC

If you prefer planning on the computer instead of using pencil and paper, you should take a look at our megaplaner. Digital is better after all - and above all it is easier! The planner masters all megawood® construction rules exactly and generates a 3D view of your planning accurate to the millimetre.

Each of your projects receives an individual planning number, with which you can obtain a tailor-made offer from your local specialist dealer. You will also find this very convenient, because we have given our megaplaner a pretty clever dealer search - with the possibility of contact, of course.

You get free access to a complete list of materials and detailed construction drawings.

Screenshot vom Terrassenplaner im Easymodus

Free-form terrace planner

The terrace designer masters the integration of our megalite lighting system in rectangular terraces.

Click here to start your terrace planning right away.

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Screenshot vom Limes Zaunkonfigurator

LIMES fence configurator

Combine with the LIMES fence configurator completely individual fence elements and doors, following the terrain and in angular construction. Then view the result in 3D!

Click here to start your fence planning right away.

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Note: As a registered megawood® partner, you will also be shown the UVP prices valid in Germany in the material list and have the possibility of connecting to your merchandise management systems.

Expand reality via app

With the unique megawood® app for iOS and Android, you can then lay your planned terrace virtually in front of your house. Simply attach the marker photo from the back of the magazine to the wall of your house and aim the camera at it. Your future terrace will now appear in the live image of your tablet or smartphone exactly where the marker is. From the substructure to the barefoot plank, all details can be viewed at close range and from all directions. Although we have not yet invented a button that makes the virtual terrace appear immediately in your garden, we are working on it. In the meantime, your specialist dealer is looking forward to your inquiry. Do not forget your planning number!

Board detection per App

High-tech for the environment: The self-learning App GCC Detector by NOVO-TECH was developed in cooperation with Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg and recognises the contour of your decking board. If this originates from our product range, we can return 100% of the valuable raw material to our material cycle. This is how sustainability works.

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