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National Technical Approval

Our major goal is to make the GCC wood material calculable in order to use the complete range of all decking boards with a reasonable centre distance also as load-bearing elements. Therefore, on 21 September 2020, after strict testing, we received the National Technical Approval for the PREMIUM Jumbo (nut brown & basalt grey) and the DYNUM (cardamom & nigella).

Its long range is a unique feature of our general construction authorization (No.: Z-10.9-506). With the DYNUM 25 x 293 mm, the range is even 65 cm. The same applies to the concealed screw connection with our clip and the 0% inclination mounting.

Advantages of our general building authority approval

More safety in planning for architects, engineers, construction companies and building owners
. • No more individual tests necessary
. • Build creatively, innovatively and cost effectively
• No time delays
• No uncertainties
• Approval items: two decking boards and one fastener.
Large spans of 400 mm and 650 mm
• Concealed screw connection
• Thermal expansion does not have to be taken into account
• Fasteners: megawood® stainless steel clip and screw
. • Substructure: wood and steel
. • Edge projection: max. 50 mm
• Load-bearing capacity: for values see National Technical Approval (abZ) No. Z-10.9-506

Audit report

The building authority approval was issued by the Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) with its headquarters in Berlin. Approval is required for products for which there are no generally accepted rules or techniques or which are not fulfilled. It is valid in all federal states of the Federal Republic of Germany and only refers to the applicability of the objects of approval. The abZ confirms the use and assesses it at the same time.

Therefore, we are very proud to have received the National Technical Approval (abZ) (No.: Z-10.9-506) by the DIBt. This allows us to prove that our approved products are safe when used properly and comply with the technical rules. For you, there are numerous further areas of application, to install our megawood® products without having to carry out additional measures. For example, for all installation situations that require a load-bearing floor (balconies, arcades, landings, jetties, etc.). Furthermore, this approval confirms the high standard of our GCC (German Compact Composite) wood material and our material philosophy.

With our two approved decking boards DYNUM 25 x 293 mm (Cardamom & Nigella) and PREMIUM Jumbo 21 x 242 mm (Nut Brown & Basalt Grey) you are on the safe side and have a clear advantage when planning projects with load-bearing structures.

Audit report general building authority approval (German Language)

Monitoring report no. ÜB 2.2/20-330

The factory production control (WPK) carried out complies with the requirements according to the National Technical Approval (abZ) (Z-10.9-506) of the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt)(German Construction Engineering Institute).

Assembly & Processing

According to our general building approval, the patio planks DYNUM (Cardamom & Nigella) and PREMIUM Jumbo (Nut Brown & Basalt Grey) can be used as load-bearing flooring for roof terraces, arcades, loggias, balconies, exit landings, walkways and similar as well as stairs and stair landings in residential buildings and office buildings in accordance with the standard DIN EN 1991-1-1/NA1, Table 6. 1 EN, category T1, T2 and Z may be used. The load-bearing floor shall be designed as a multi-span beam (at least two-span beam) and shall be installed in such a way that the decking boards are visible and can be replaced at any time.

Dynum Terrassendiele Nigella
Dynum Terrassendiele Cardamom
Dynum Terrassendiele Nigella
Dynum Terrassendiele Cardamom

The decking boards must be screwed to the wood or steel substructure using approved stainless steel clips and screws. The assembly, minimum support width and minimum number of screws must be complied with in each case in accordance with the DIBt specifications. The load-bearing timber and steel substructure is not part of the general building approval.

Practicably applicable on the building site without restriction!

An example of this is already our seminar room for training and courses in Aschersleben. A masterpiece of structural engineering was built there: a 6.5-metre free-spanning spatial fan structure at a static height of only 27 cm to create a second level.

Our DYNUM & PREMIUM decking boards

DYNUM - indestructibly beautiful

Dynamically blown dunes of the Sahara inspired us to create a plank with unmistakable optics. Let yourself be inspired by the DYNUM terrace plank on your terrace and experience the fascinating charisma in different incidences of light. DYNUM is the right choice for your most beautiful spot in the garden as well as for projects in hotels, in beer gardens or in kindergartens. The homogeneous, solid-coloured wood material without an additional plastic layer withstands the highest stresses and is particularly hard-wearing.

PREMIUM decking boards - naturally planed surface

Unique like nature itself: the individually planed plank surfaces of our megawood® PREMIUM decking boards. In a patented planing process, they receive their vivid structure - this makes our product unmistakable. Discover this special surface structure in the play of light.