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megawood® product world

Wood is good and we make it even better. megawood® combines the natural product wood with innovative polymer technology to create a unique environmentally friendly and recyclable natural material that is the basis for our products.

Terrace system

megawood® decking is durable, easy to maintain, free of dangerous splinters and user-friendly. Painting and oiling are also a thing of the past.

Facade system

Weather resistant, strong against mechanical stress and versatile in design. We combine the constructive advantages of a curtain-type rear-ventilated façade with the quick and easy installation of a click system.

LIMES Fence system

Long like the LIMES or rather as a short privacy screen? Everything is possible! Marbled panels (wavy or smooth) can be freely combined in the frame. Connections are created by the innovative transom connector, panel holder and fence transom - even in stainless steel for slight inclines.

Rhombus profile

Attractive cladding, visibly screwed or invisibly fastened with a clip - also as edging strips for terraces

Garden world

Why only build terraces from megawood®? The material is suitable for so much more. Dangerous splinters or leaking resin are a thing of the past - just like painting or oiling.

Construction wood

megawood® products suitable for every phase of life: When the children grow up, the sandbox is simply converted into a raised bed. Discover a variety of applications.


The combination of LED linear lights and spots is the ideal complement to our megawood® terraces. The megalite system can be used horizontally or vertically. The new LED linear luminaires can be shortened individually.

Ventilation grille

Under-ventilation of the terrace promotes the exchange of moist and dry air. This increases the protection of the substructure against moisture.


Easy handling with stepless height adjustment

More ideas…

Playground equipment, garden furniture and much more can be built from the structural wood. Be inspired by the designs of our designers.