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Pflanzenkübel und Sandkasten aus megawood

State-of-the-art professional training

for craftsmen, traders, architects

Little masters do not fall from the sky

When is the best time to remember things? Exactly, when you can try them out and get excited about them. Both of these things are done by megawood® partners in our in-house training centre. Here they learn about the exciting world of materials with all its properties under the expert guidance of experienced experts. From "A" as in height to "Z" as in staple, the participants receive all the practical and theoretical basics in training courses lasting several days so that, after passing the examination, they can assist you in word and deed with your projects as certified megawood® professionals.

Expertise with guarantee

"To ensure that our latest products can also be installed according to all the rules of the art, the participants of the basic seminar attend an advanced seminar at our Lindenhof training centre every two years," explains training consultant and installation professional of many years, Patrick Stark. A real added value for the craftsmen, fitters and dealers - because the installers receive the extended 10-year guarantee in return. What you can rely on.


There are many innovations! An impressive expression of the versatility of the material and its static properties is the fan-shaped supporting structure in the seminar building, which literally lifts the training participants to a whole new level. After all, a change of perspective opens up a new view of the world for many.

Digital tools in an analogue world

Seit kurzem werden unsere praxis­nahen Kurse auch durch ein digitales Werkzeug unterstützt. Auf modernsten Tablet-Computern erlernen die Teilnehmer die Bedienung unseres Online­planers, legen ihre digitale Prüfung ab und bewerten online das Seminar.

"In this way, we constantly improve the quality of training and take into account the experiences of daily users in our developments."

For Patrick Stark, these are not just words, but a promise for the future. After all, the most critical users are our benchmark against which new products and ideas must be measured.

A masterpiece of statics

6.5 metre free-spanning spatial supporting structure with a static height of only 27 cm.
Experience it in person and get certified as a megawood® expert.
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