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megawood im Härtetest mit Oliver Roggisch

"Education, Art and Culture"

at the location of the Bestehornpark Education Centre in Aschersleben

Together with the city of Aschersleben and the International SummerAtelier Programme, we were looking for artists, designers, graphic artists, sculptors, toy designers and furniture designers who would like to work with our new and unique GCC (German Compact Composite) wood-based material.

With the innovative GCC wood-based material, we succeeded in developing a material that retains the positive and natural properties of wood, but is durable in outdoor applications - without the need for oiling or painting. GCC was awarded "Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM Gold" by the Products Innovation Institute. With regard to material health, it was even certified with the highest possible value "Platinum". This makes the GCC wood-based material one of the TOP 20 certified building materials worldwide.

The artist scholarship initiated by the city of Aschersleben, which was initiated for the first time in 2015, was awarded to four artists and includes a studio and a living space for each artist, including furniture, electricity, water, heating and internet connection. The rooms are made available for a period of three months from June to September. We will accompany the artists' work and activities with media during this period. Technical support and advice will be provided by our company's experienced carpenters and application technicians.

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"It is up to us to take action now"

- Martin Daiber Luco

The Chilean artist Martin Daiber Luco will work with our GCC wood material, which is suitable for both exterior and interior applications. We are delighted about this and are very excited to see which art object will be created.

Martin Daiber was born in Santiago de Chile in 1979 and earned his bachelor's degree in art from the Universidad Catolica de Chile in 2003. From October 2016 to April 2017, he participated in the International Artist Programme (LIA) in Leipzig. During his term, he received third place in the Bancaja Foundation and Valencia Institute of Modern Art painting competition in Valencia, Spain. Martin has participated in a number of solo exhibitions in Chile, Spain and Germany, as well as group exhibitions in Chile, Germany, Spain and Portugal.

In an interview with Martin, he revealed to us why he is committed to sustainability. "For the people of the world, the issue of sustainability should play a big role because it is vital for the survival of the next generations."

What role does sustainability play in your art? - "I connect my art to sustainability , by reusing materials such as waste or materials that are no longer used." Martin prefers to reprocess materials instead of throwing them away."

Are there already ideas about what could be made from the GCC wood material? - "The material is very hard and it will be difficult to work the material with your hands. You need special tools if you want to shape the material. So I'm still thinking about what I can make out of the material."

Opening event

As a prelude to the three-month SummerAtelierProgramme, a guided tour of the works was organised for the artists and our managing director Holger Sasse also handed over a small financial donation for the SummerAtelierProgramme.


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Open Atelier Day

On 15 July 2021, the artists of the Summer Studio Programme opened their studio doors. We were able to look over the shoulders of the artists and gain an insight into their creative process. After a short time, the first works could be presented. Martin also had some initial ideas about what he wanted to make from our GCC wood material.
A snake as a plaything.


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Exhibition opening "Wanderlust"

Since 22 June, the four artists have been working in their studios at the Bestehornpark educational centre in Aschersleben. Nina Stoelting from Germany, Martin Daiber Luco from Chile, Simon Sieradzki from Australia and Gyeore Lee from South Korea were delighted to open their exhibition entitled "Fernweh" on 27 August 2021 at 6.30 pm. Numerous visitors were welcomed in the timber-framed building of the Bestehornpark. The four participants were particularly looking forward to many interesting contacts from the world of artists and personal exchanges with the visitors.

The exhibition can be visited until 12 September from Wednesday to Sunday from 11:00 - 17:00.