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A unique material,
two characters

From raw material to product in just one manufacturing process: At our site in Aschersleben, we have the largest and most modern production capacities for the extrusion of polymer-bound wood-based materials in Europe. In a patented manufacturing process, we mix a high proportion of natural fibres with the other components and press the hot mass through shaping tools under high pressure.

GCC (German Compact Composite) is a wood-based material that contains up to 75 % natural fibres in the basic atro recipe - a high proportion that is unique in the world. The wood fibre is therefore the focus! This is supplemented with high-performance polymers made from processed plastics from first industrial applications. Our principle: In addition to wood, we only use as many additives as absolutely necessary and ensure that each of them contributes to the material's health and recyclability. In some of our products, we replace part of the material formulation with recycled synthetic resin, which enables us to achieve very special, specific product properties.
Our polymer-bound wood-based material consists of up to 75% wood fibres. In a dry state, these are shredded and mixed with polymers (recycled plastic) and additives (binder and colour). The polymers used serve as "glue" and hold the natural fibres together.
The difference to GCC HOLZart is that part of the ingredients of GCC HARZart are replaced by recycled synthetic resin. This results in a wood content of at least 50%. The remaining 50% is made up of the synthetic resin, the polymers and the additives. The synthetic resin content gives the material its name.

The responsible use of resources is part of our philosophy.

For the production of our GCC material, we only use wood fibres that are left over from the planing and sawing industry. The wood for this comes from sustainably managed and PEFC-certified European forest stands - we attach great importance to this. Usually, the wood fibres declared as a waste product are burnt. The carbon bound in it is released into the atmosphere as CO2. Instead, we use the chips as the basis for our products and ensure the permanent storage of carbon in our material by reusing it in the material cycle.

The familiar woody character with up to 75% wood components.

Wood is fine, we make it even better. GCC HOLZart has all the good sides of the natural material, radiates just as much warmth and can be processed in exactly the same way. The added polymers and the patented extrusion process turn the original softwood into a solid, durable wood material that withstands the high mechanical demands of outdoor use and provides the basis for sustainable construction that spans generations.
  • Contains up to 75 % wood fibres from sustainably managed forests
  • Smells and feels like wood
  • Planed and brushed surface
  • harder and heavier than hardwood
  • Stores heat better than wood, heats up significantly less than natural stone, concrete or ceramics

Climate positive - we use what is already there.

An additional source of raw materials for some of our products is recycled synthetic resin, which comes, among other things, from discarded wind power rotor blades. We are pioneers in this field and so far the only company that offers the wind and energy industry a way to recycle old rotor blades.

A new amber character with over 50% wood content and up to 30% recycled resin.

GCC HARZart and amber have two things in common: the feel and the resin. While in amber the tree resin provides its specific properties, GCC is enriched by synthetic resin. We obtain this from recycled wind power rotor blades, among other things. In combination with our unique manufacturing process, this creates a very special material that can be used in a variety of outdoor applications. By recycling the rotor blade raw material component, valuable existing resources are saved from thermal destruction or downcycling into inferior products.
  • contains at least 50 % wood fibres from sustainably managed forests
  • Addition of up to 30 % recycled synthetic resin
  • Feels like amber
  • embossed and matt surface
  • harder and heavier than hardwood
  • Stores heat better than wood, heats up significantly less than natural stone, concrete or ceramics

It's the workmanship that counts.

The impressive wood fibre content of up to 75 % makes our robust material GCC HOLZart just as workable as hardwood. Whether sawing, drilling, sanding or planing - with the usual woodworking tools you can bring the consistently homogeneous material into the desired shape.

Due to the proportion of synthetic resins, e.g. from recycled wind power rotor blades, GCC HARZart is denser and harder, which leads to greater wear of the tools. The consistently homogeneous material can be chamfered all around. However, we do not recommend full-surface processing such as planing, brushing or sanding.