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Care Instructions

Care Instructions

A regular basic cleaning of your megawood® terrace frees the wood fibres from dirt, dust, water stains, pollen, lichen and other organic deposits. This allows the wood material to breathe again and the planks regain their original colour shade.

We recommend to clean your terrace thoroughly at least twice a year. The outside temperature should be at least 15 °C. Regular cleaning is necessary, especially for covered or partially covered terrace areas, to reduce water spots at the transition points in the long term and to support cleaning and weathering by sun and rain.
A gradient of at least 2 % in the direction of the planks facilitates patio maintenance, as waterlogging and water spots are largely avoided. Ensure that there is a bevel at the end of the plank and enough space between the end of the plank and the edge to allow free drainage.

Utensils for perfect cleaning

For optimal cleaning you need:
  • road broom for cleaning the coarse dirt
  • sufficiently clear, ideally warm water
  • coarse brush or scrubbing brush, or surface cleaner with rotating nozzles
  • puller to prevent new water stains
  • megawood® scouring powder for stubborn dirt

Basic cleaning of megawood® products

All our extruded products - whether patio decks, privacy screens or garden furniture - can be cleaned with water and a scrubbing brush. Depending on the type of stain and its age, several cleaning processes may be necessary. For stubborn stains you can also use our scrubbing powder. The use of chemicals is not necessary.

Procedure for basic cleaning:
  • cleaning the terrace
  • remove coarse dirt
  • water the terrace and keep it wet for at least 15 minutes
  • scrub the surface
  • rinse deck, pull off and let it dry

Stubborn stains

Many types of stain remove sun and rain by themselves over time. Stubborn stains can be treated with our special, environmentally friendly scouring powder and the megawood® scrubbing brush.

Procedure for using the scouring powder:
  • carry out basic cleaning of the terrace (see above)
  • after basic cleaning, remove standing water, but keep the terrace slightly moist
  • spread the scouring powder evenly over the boards
  • massage the powder vigorously with a scrubbing brush and scrub the patio in the direction of the boards
  • cut out or mask off sensitive surfaces beforehand
  • thoroughly rinse the terrace and the remains of the scouring powder with clear water
  • peel off the deck and let it dry
With the megawood® scouring powder, even stubborn stains on the megawood® terrace can be cleaned. A direct comparison with application with water makes it clear. Very good cleaning results can be achieved quickly even with heavy soiling or very old, weathered stains.

Recommended additive products

Scouring powder

Our scouring powder for heavy soiling and stubborn stains. Free of surfactants and other chemicals. 2 kg are sufficient for approx. 20 m2 terrace surfaces. Not suitable for co-extruded planks!
Please refer to the product labels for storage and application. Further information on the ingredients can also be found on

Scrubbing brush

For powerful cleaning with handle and head made of megawood® and special bristles - ideally suited for use with our scouring powder and normal patio cleaning.

Professional cleaning

You do not feel like cleaning the terrace yourself? The last cleaning was a long time ago ?
megawood® offers professional cleaning and regular service intervals. We will put you in touch with a partner in your area.

Water against water edges

  • Water rims.
  • Watering
  • Scrubbing
  • Puller
  • Drying
  • Done
  • Due to precipitation and dust deposits, water edges can form on all surfaces, especially in the transition area between roofing and open spaces. On megawood® decking boards, these can usually be removed with water and a scrubbing brush. The effect of water stains decreases over time, but cannot be completely avoided and is not a quality defect. Regular watering of the roofed surface accelerates the reduction of the tendency to water stains.

  • Watering.

    Moisten the terrace boards with clean tap water (no rainwater!) and keep moist for about 15 minutes.

  • Scrubbing.

    Clean the moist decking boards with a coarse brush (scrubbing brush) in the direction of the boards, adding clean running tap water by scrubbing.

  • Puller.

    Remove standing moisture residues with a puller in the direction of the board.

  • Allow to dry.

    After stripping, leave the patio deck to dry.

  • Cleaned deck.

    After drying, the water marks usually disappear completely. Did you use the If the drainage, slope and ventilation of the terrace are taken into account, cleaning water can also be drained off easily.

Natural fibre inclusions

  • Natural fibre inclusions (bast)
  • Natural fibre inclusions (bast).

    megawood® consists of up to 75% wood fibres. These are specially prepared, dried and fed into the production process in a closed system. Depending on the raw material, there may be small inclusions of other natural fibres, such as bast (transition layer from bark to wood). These particles can come to the surface through water absorption after weathering. A maximum of 0.03 % of the surface may be affected. The particle size must not exceed 0.5 cm². By using the terrace (abrasion), these particles will largely disappear over time. They can also be removed mechanically. This will not damage the product. In accordance with the EPLF (European Laminate Flooring Federation), the particles visible from a standing eye level with vertical light incidence are used for evaluation.


Cleaning examples

For further information on the care and cleaning of your terrace
as well as on colour maturation and colour diversity, please refer to our Terrace Pass.