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Neo Rauch

Nature is present in each and every fibre
"A special relationship with nature"

Neo Rauch, the "first inhabitant" of the cotton-yarn factory art location, enjoying the view across the rooftops of Leipzig from his new megawood® terrace. "I allow the roofs to roam into my pictures", says the Leipzig-based artist when asked about the significance of this location.

The lorbeer LITUM deck has been installed using a stepped design in order to compensate for the unevenness of the old factory roof. Chives and elderberries used to blossom here until the birch trees took over on the lower floors and the small rooftop garden had to make way. A wooden terrace was installed here in order to compensate for this. "It went the way of everything down below on the ground, became rotten, was barely possible to walk on and it was simply no longer safe. So I turned to megawood® for help", says Neo Rauch.

"The product itself really appeals to me because it's not trying to be a vegan sausage. It's simply trying to be something that cannot really be defined. It's unique. It's not wood, it's not stone and it's not plast... it's hard to find a word to describe it. But it definitely feels good."

Neo Rauch uses his head and gut feeling to make decisions, although he believes that gut feelings are “ultimatelycloser to the truth." The special feel of the material convinced him. Thanks to its specific composition, the megawood® material develops a pleasant, unique surface. In contrast to coated materials, the integrity of the product can be felt.

The close connection of the Leipzig artist with everything associated with nature is not only reflected in his pictures. His garden and the "workshop-terraces" surely represent poles which he moves between. A narrow path allows him to move to the adjacent area that his wife uses to work. They visit each other to look over the city's old coffee mill roofs.

The Leipzig painter's very close connection to everything "natural" is not only evident in his paintings. His home garden and the "workshop terrace" are the safe poles between which he moves. Via a narrow footbridge, he reaches the neighbouring studio where his wife pursues her work. They visit each other with a view of the old coffee mill roofs of the city.

The next purchase for the roof terrace will be an awning. However, there are currently none in the megawood® range.

Graphic Foundation Neo Rauch
megawood Voher Nacher
Before: After 10 years of use, the rotten wooden terrace had to give way.
LITUM Steinholzplatte
After: The new megawood® terrace with bench, table, railing, step and light system.

Culture tip:
"Graphic Foundation Neo Rauch"

The purpose of the foundation is to promote art, science and culture. In particular, the Foundation's aim is to preserve and cultivate the entire graphic oeuvre of the artist Neo Rauch in the form of an extensive collection of lithographs and graphic works which Neo Rauch has produced since 1993.

Culture tip: Graphic Foundation Neo Rauch

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