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Use instead of buying

"Returning is the future"

megawood Alles aus einem Werkstoff sandkasten

Usufruct in the
21st century

We are proud of our GCC wooden composite that is harmless in eco-toxicological terms and can always be kept in a perpetual materials cycle. We want to prevent it from becoming lost and land in a waste incineration plant at the end of its useful life with the organic carbon being released as carbon dioxide by forests that have been growing for decades.

This is why we do not only offer a classic sales contract, but also a user/usufruct agreement. This is an intelligent alternative that enables us to continue to live life to the full, without consuming the raw material resources that belong to our children and grandchildren.

By concluding the user agreement, you acquire the right to use and enjoy your megawood® terrace for 30 years. At the end of this 30-year period, we take your terrace back and recycle it to 100%. In return, we reimburse you with the value of the material in the form of a lump-sum payment. This enables us to ensure that new products are manufactured – without consuming additional natural resources – and this across generations.

You can obviously terminate the agreement prematurely if you want another terrace, for example. We shall then also reimburse you with the partial amount and manufacture new megawood® products, using your old terrace. You save the disposal costs after completion of the period of use, secure the raw materials basis for additional products and prevent valuable raw materials being burnt for future products.

What does our megawood® usufructary think about it?

“Using it makes me happy!“

Dr. med. Sybille Knöppler

“With the desire for an own hearth in the garden, I wanted to work with sustainable materials that can be used over and over again for generations to come.“

Dr. Knöppler, who works as a pain therapist in Aschersleben, was quickly able to identify with the GCC composite wood material. This is produced regionally and has been certified numerous times. At NOVO-TECH, she was able to accompany the entire process from the virtual planing to the internal production. Her enthusiasm ist still discernible nowadays when she presents her hearth with the circular bench from megawood® as a proud usufructuary. “Usufruct makes me happy – everything in this world is only borrowed and I am grateful that I can preserve our scarce raw materials with this usufruct concept. This enables me to own and enjoy with a clear conscious.

Use instead of buying
with the megawood® usufruct agreement