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Ventilation grille

The megawood® ventilation grille protects the substructure of your terrace from moisture. The active back and under-ventilation keeps moisture away from the substructure. The air circulation ensures an exchange of moist and dry air. The substructure can be easily cleaned due to the simple dismantling. When installed on the side of the house, the ventilation grille ensures proper water drainage when the substructure has the correct gradient.

At a glance

105 x 21 mm
2.000 mm
metric screw
stainless steel V2A brushed

Ventilation grille construction variants

The megawood® ventilation grille ensures air circulation under the terrace and allows the entire deck to last longer. The simple assembly and disassembly means that the subfloor is easier to clean. Furthermore, the ventilation grille is excellently suited as an inspection opening.

*DYNUM 25 x 293 mm up to max. 650 mm (see construction plans for terrace system).
**Distance from gutter to house side 10 mm

Protects your terrace from moisture and improves rear ventilation