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DYNUM – durably attractive

Dynamically windswept dunes from the Sahara Desert inspired us to create a deckboard with a unique look. Allow yourself to be amazed by the DYNUM decking board on your deck and experience the fascinating radiance under varying light conditions. DYNUM is the right choice for your most beautiful space in the garden as well as for hotel, beer garden or other commercial projects. The homogeneous and inspired wood material without any additional plastic layer is able to withstand the highest stresses and is incredibly durable.

After rigorous testing, our DYNUM decking board 25 x 293 mm obtained the general building authority approval* for a very large span width with a joist centre distance of 65 cm.

megawood Barfußdiele DYNUM in Cardamom und Nigella

Details at a glance

Oscillating planed and polished with colour gradient on one side, 5 mm gap
21 x 242 mm  |   L:  420   |  480  |  600 cm
25 x 293 mm (Jumbo)  |   L:  420   |  480  |  600 cm
Closure board:
Rhombus profile 20,5 x 81 mm  |   L: 420 cm
Colours and maturation:
megawood Farbreifung Dielen

A = after laying     B = after 1-2 months     C = after 6-8 months

Rhombus profiles
colour assignment:

Cardamom  Decking board DYNUM Cardamom 
Varia Schokoschwarz  Rhombus profile Varia Chocolate Black 

Nigella  Decking board DYNUM Nigella 
Varia Grey  Rhombus profile Varia Grey 

Ingwer  Decking board DYNUM Ingwer 
Ingwer  Rhombus profile Ingwer 

Lorbeer  Decking board DYNUM Lorbeer 
Lorbeer  Rhombus profile Lorbeer 

SelGris  Decking board DYNUM Sel Gris 
Sel Gris  Rhombus profile Sel Gris 

Learn more about our Rhombus profiles

Mounting options:
Locking clamp, Clip
General building authority approval:
40 cm joist centre distance for PREMIUM 21 x 242 mm in nut brown and basalt grey
on steel or wooden substructure with clip

to General building authority approval

Gap width:
megawood DYNUM Eigenschaft 1
megawood DYNUM Eigenschaft 2
megawood DYNUM Eigenschaft 3
megawood DYNUM Eigenschaft 4
megawood DYNUM Eigenschaft 5
megawood DYNUM Eigenschaft 5

Plan your dream terrace now

Try the DYNUM board in your favourite colour. Order a free sample now and experience the natural megawood® feeling at home. You can find out prices from your local specialist dealer.

89.0 RTL Radio

Funkhaus Halle


megawood DYNUM Barfußdiele auf dem Funkhaus Halle

The best open-air hits

Quite a few chapters of radio history have been written on the expansive, freely formed roof terrace that looks over the city of Halle/Saale.

The Halle Broadcasting Centre employees use the 240 m2 area for editorial meetings, brainstorming sessions and parties for listeners.

“Stars such as Sarah Connor and Joris have already performed concerts for the radio audience“, says Louisa Noack, presenter at 89.0 RTL.

An ideal application site for megawood® DYNUM which, as a certified flame retardant terrace and specially designed for commercial use, meets all of the requirements for event operations. As is the case with all megawood® products, it is naturally free from splinters and is anti-slip.

The guests at the inauguration party were also able to experience this for themselves. The short shower that scurried over the visitors and terrace was no problem as far as the party was concerned. The Editor in Chief, Ellen Herrmann stated that “The material is extremely cool and anti-slip and it also looks really great.” With this in mind, there are certain to be a large number of parties in the future to the sound of today´s best open-air hits.

Visit the website of "Funkhaus Halle"

All from one material: „megawood® in the endurance test by Oliver Roggisch“

Our DYNUM plank on and in the Koi pond: Olis megawood® homestory


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