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SIGNUM – guaranteed to be unique

The megawood® SIGNUM decking boards are “signed by nature“. In addition to the textured surface, each barefootboard boasts a unique refined grain. But that's not enough. We also apply a polish to the surface as an initial protection for transport, laying and the first few weeks of use. This polish wears away over time and the floorboard develops its own natural patina through the impacts of weathering. This creates a refined and premium product: The grain and refinement ensure that the SIGNUM is a robust beauty and that each deck is an eye catcher! The narrower gap ensures a seamless deck appearance.
megawood Barfußdiele SIGNUM in Muskat und Tonka

Details at a glance

Oscillating planed and polished with colour gradient on one side, 5 mm gap
21 x 145 mm  |   L:  360  |  420  |  480  |  540  |  600 cm
21 x 242 mm (Jumbo)  |   L:  360  |  420  |  480  |  540  |  600 cm
Closure board:
Rhombus profile 20,5 x 81 mm  |   L: 420 cm
Colours and maturation:
megawood Farbreifung Dielen

A = after laying     B = after 1-2 months     C = after 6-8 months

Rhombus profiles
colour assignment:
Muskat  Decking board SIGNUM Muskat 
Varia Braun  Rhombusprofil Varia Brown 

Tonka  Decking board SIGNUM Tonka 
Varia Grau  Rhombusprofil Varia Grey 

Learn more about our Rhombus profiles

Mounting options:
Locking clamp, Clip
Gap width:
megawood SIGNUM Eigenschaft 1
megawood SIGNUM Eigenschaft 2
megawood SIGNUM Eigenschaft 3
megawood SIGNUM Eigenschaft 4
megawood SIGNUM Eigenschaft 5

Our wood-based material GCC is certified according to Cradle to Cradle Certified® in these categories*:

*GCC HOLZart achieves PLATINUM (Version 3.1, renewal 27 Aug 2024) and
GCC HARZart achieves GOLD (Version 3.1, renewal 31 Jan 2026) in material health.
Cradle to Cradle Certified® is a registered brand of the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.
More information about certification at

  Cradle to Cradle Certificates

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Artists' quarter of Aschersleben

Luisenschule Aschersleben


Rektorin Ute Riebert

„Picnic, fun and culture“

The "Königin Luisenschule" inaugurated in 1888 and located in the artists' quarter of Aschersleben received a new SIGNUM barefootboard terrace in 2015. For the 190 primary school pupils, this opened up a playground with various opportunities./span>

Nature as a role model: This has become reality for the 190 children who attend the "Luisenschule" primary school. Following the conversion, they now spend their lunch breaks on a megawood® terrace and, in doing so, become acquainted with the advantages of nature. The learning success and the comfort of her young pupils are particularly important to Headmistress Ute Riebert. She is supported by dedicated parents such as Yvonne Kilian who did everything they could to get a little bit of nature for the paved playground. Yvonne Kilian obtained

"Feeling comfortable on the playground –
children in the fresh air"

comprehensive information regarding the product attributes of megawood® in advance and did not need to do much to convince the headmistress. "I was immediately impressed when I saw the terrace simulated in front of our school on the tablet for the first time on the megawood® 3D-App. The town council immediately supported the project and, together with the mayor, ensured that it was quickly implemented.“

A playground with various opportunities

Whether for breakfast or lunch, the children eat on the terrace whenever the weather permits. In doing so, the new playground offers many other opportunities. For instance, the school theatre is already looking forward to its first open-air performance and school celebrations have now got a fixed location. Although Finn-Erik from Year 2 is only seven years old, he recognised the material straight away. He is only too aware that items occasionally fall from the sky. "I'm allowed to wash everything away with the garden hose and the scrubber." The Sun takes care of the rest. The children and the teachers at the "Luisenschule" primary school appreciate this and are already looking forward to lots of summer festivals on the terrace.

Link to the Luisenschule

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