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Responsibility over generations

Own with a clear conscience.

Our products have a lifespan that spans generations. Nevertheless, it is occasionally time for something new. For this purpose, we have developed a model that allows you to be the owner of a megawood® terrace without having to worry about disposal later. At the end of a long service life, we take your decking back to us, reintroduce it into our production cycle and make new products from it. And on top of that, you receive a take-back value from us. This applies not only to decking, of course, but also to all other megawood® products. As the owner of a megawood® terrace, you are building ecologically and responsibly right from the start!


100 % of the wood we use comes from sustainable forestry.


Old products from megawood® are 100 % recycled.

The material of today is our raw material of tomorrow!

Our motto

Wind power rotor blades as a source of raw material

For us, innovation means qualitative progress. The sustainable securing our raw materials, as well as the procurement practices themselves, are the focus of our growth strategy. In order to meet the increasing demand for GCC wood-based products in the future, without additional consumption of natural raw materials, and to be able to continue to grow responsibly in the market, we are already thinking about the day after tomorrow in our material cycle.

The use of used wind turbine rotor blades as a source of raw materials is a further, future-oriented step.Almost all raw material components of a rotor blade can be recycled and incorporated into megawood® GCC without any loss of quality. This saves valuable, existing materials that perform well in terms of replastability and material health from thermal destruction or downcycling into lower-quality products, while at the same time avoiding CO2 emissions.

The DELTA decking board from megawood® will meet precisely these requirements in the future. Because the decking board contains the material from wind power rotor blades. The unique geometry with cross-structuring enables installation without any slope.

Visions become missions. The European Commission's Action Plan on the Circular Economy has the goal of halving the amount of residual waste and at the same time doubling the share of recycled materials by 2030. We have already achieved this goal today! This circular economy underlines our claim to an ecologically sustainable Holzwerkstoff and lives up to our responsibility towards future generations.

"This is our contribution to the future of all our children and grandchildren."(Holger Sasse, founder and CEO of NOVO-TECH)

Support us in this!

Join us in shaping a healthy future for generations to come. In order to transfer our material into the material cycle, we need your support. If you want to return your megawood® products after their long service life, you can arrange this through our recycling dealers.

It is even easier by registering your property. We will contact you in due course and clarify the take-back with you. In this way, you take part in ecological and responsible building.

The property and contact details provided during registration will only be used for the purpose of taking back our material. We welcome photos of your garden projects with links to our social media channels or for publication in our reference list. Please feel free to contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Board detection per App

High-tech for the environment: The self-learning App GCC Detector by NOVO-TECH was developed in cooperation with Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg and recognises the contour of your decking board. If this originates from our product range, we can return 100% of the valuable raw material to our material cycle. This is how sustainability works.

Dielenerkennung auf einem Handy

How does the recirculation work?

If you no longer like the processed products made of our material or if you no longer need residual material, we will take back e.g. your used megawood® decking floorboards, fence elements, construction wood, rhombus profiles or facade panels free of charge. Please return the products to your megawood® dealer with recycling take-back. You will find them in our online dealer search marked with the Icon Recyclingsymbol.

In a recycling process developed by us, the old megawood® products are reprocessed and made reusable. They can thus be returned to production as normal. In this way, your old megawood® material is turned into a new generation of environmentally friendly products from megawood®, which also meet our quality standards.

This process is unique worldwide in the field of wood-polymer materials and underlines our own high standards for an ecologically sustainable and innovative production of environmentally friendly products.

Information for megawood®dealers

  • Anmeldung der Rücknahme
  • Lieferung leerer Gitterboxen
  • Sortierung grau
  • Sortierung braun
  • Sortierung verschiedenes
  • Abholung
  • Recycling
    Please order the number of required grid boxes* or register their return. We take care of the free delivery and removal. Please sort the delivered material according to the basic colors, free of foreign bodies and cut to a maximum length of 1,100 mm. In suitable packaging, we also take back megawood® accessories, such as snap-on clips, clips, FIX STEP, rubber pads or other parts made of stainless steel. Put them in a bag or cardboard box and enclose them with the mesh boxes for collection.
    * The deposit per return box is 79 EUR (net, plus VAT)

    You would like to participate in the take-back system and be marked as a recycling dealer? Do you need mesh boxes or would you like to register a collection? Please contact us!
    Phone: 05201 / 189 - 330
    Fax: 05201 / 189 - 312
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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