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Gartenwelt, Bank megawood Gartenmöbel

Garden world

The megawood® garden world

megawood Bank aus Konstruktionbohlen

The Bench

Sit more attractively: The megawood® bench with continuous construction planks passes every stress test with top marks. Dangerous splinters or leaking resin are a thing of the past - just like painting or oiling. The bench is available as a complete construction kit with a maximum axial dimension of 130 cm (40 x 112 mm).

Axle dimensions:
max. 130 cm (40 x 112 mm)
max. 160 cm (40 x 145 mm)

naturbraun   Natural brown
nussbraun   Nut brown
basaltgrau   Basalt grey
schiefergrau  Slate grey
lavabraun   Lava brown
Ingwer   Ingwer
Lorbeer   Lorbeer
Sel Gris   Sel Gris
muskat   Muskat
tonka   Tonka


megawood® looks like wood, feels like wood, can be processed like wood, but is more noble, uncomplicated and durable than wood.

Weatherproof und resistant - these are our megawood® products. Our extensive megawood® range of construction timber is ideally suited for individual buildings in outdoor areas. The solid construction of our products guarantees durability and dimensional stability. Unlike hollow chamber products, this keeps insects and penetrating water away.
The colours and shapes are optimally matched to our range of patios and fences.

100 x 100 cm, individual dimensions on request

nussbraun   Slate grey
nussbraun   Lava brown


Harmless to health - guaranteed

Child friendly, safe and harmless to health - these are our products. megawood® products were the first products made of wood-polymer material to be awarded a prize for the manufacture of children's toys. In a control procedure recognised throughout Europe, EPH-GmbH tested our wood-based material for its material properties. The release of hazardous heavy metals was tested according to the strict guidelines of the DIN EN 71-3 standard.

Individual design on request

nussbraun   Slate grey
nussbraun   Lava brown

Garden design with megawood®

Discover further inspirations of our construction timber programme