Planning Principles

Planning principles

  • General information

    • The megawood® construction plan forms the basis for all the laying variations! No warranty is provided in the event of deviations being made from the construction plan or for any items used other than original megawood® items!

    • Lay the terrace floorboards in a longitudinal direction with an adequate gradient to ensure that water is always able to drain from the deck. This conforms with the principles of structural wood preservation. The risk of water stains, waterlogging and build up of organic substances is also reduced by following this principle.

    • A min. gradient of 2% is recommended for deck superstructures with an open gap. A min. gradient of 2% is absolutely necessary for deck superstructures with a closed gap.

    • The unique geometry of the DELTA decking board with its cross-structuring enables it to be laid without any gradient at all.

    • Always ensure sufficient ventilation from beneath and the rear of the deck, e.g. with the megawood® ventilation grid.

    Use our PREMIUM 21 x 242 mm decking board (with a centre distance of 40 cm) or the DYNUM 25 x 293 mm (with a centre distance of 65 cm) for applications that require planning permission.

    • When constructing the terrace, the wind load is to be conside-red as an uplifting load.

    • Coordination with the manufacturer must take place and respective approval must be obtained in the event of speci-al structures that deviate from this construction plan or the online planner in order for any potential warranty claims to be accepted.

    • Ensure an unrestrained expansion of the terrace deck (min. distance of 20 mm between the floorboards and solid compo-nents)!

    • Rod-shaped components that are screwed onto a rigid sub-structure always have their fixed point in the centre and are positioned so that they glide outwards in order to compensate for thermal expansion and expansion resulting from water adsorption.

    Pre-drill all the holes before screwing in place.

    • When using metric screws, predrill all holes so that the part that is to be fixed in place is 2 mm larger and the retaining drillhole is exactly 0.5 mm smaller than the screw diameter!

    • All dimensions are to be checked on site!
  • Preparation and sub-construction

    Prepare the ground around all sides 500mm larger in size than the terrace deck and with a 4% gradient.

    • Prevent a water backlog by using an adequately dimensioned drainage system!

    • Create a weight-bearing and frostproof gravel or crushed rock bed with a 2% incline and screed with fine gravel (level out any unevenness).

    • Do not fill in any cavities between the construction joist,the concrete kerbstone and the base of the FIX STEP or VARIO FIX!

    • Prevent the megawood® floorboards and construction beams from coming into contact with the soil! (Exception: items from the construction timber range that are installed vertically and freestanding)

    • The substructure with a connecting clip enables you to construct the terrace with a size larger than 12x12 m without a structural expansion joint.

    Floorboard assembly

    • Colour, brushing and planing differences on the boards are intentional and underline the natural look of the wood. Mix the boards before laying in order to support the effect.

    • Laying direction (refer to the arrow in the board groove or the label)!

    • Rhombus profiles always have a matt surface and deviate from the floorboard colours.

    • Do not exceed the max. 50 mm floorboard protrusion over the sub-structure!

    • Assembly and production-related dimension tolerances regarding the length, width and thickness are to be taken into account and checked!

    • The terraceboards are to be cut to the required length at a right angle and all of the cut edges are to be chamfered for constructive timber protection.

    • Products that include materials containing rubber (grooved strip, joint profile P5) are not to be subjected to high temperatures and are to be laid at the same temperature as the floorboards. Do not store in direct sunlight, recommended laying temperature: 5°-25°C. Do not pull and stretch.

Shade should be provided for your terrace when it is exposed to intense sunlight during hot summer months. This particularly protects the sensitive feet of children against hot surfaces. In addition it prevents skin damage caused by excessive UV rays. A conscious effort in terms of protecting against the severe impacts of the sun ensures a carefree barefoot experience.

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