Endless material cycle

without additional resource consumption

Where one planes, there fall chips ...

... and we make sure that they are not burned. Instead of being processed into pellets, we sustainably recycle the chips produced by the planing and sawing industry. This means that no tree is felled for us and the natural fibers from 100% sustainable European cultivation can be reused several times in our wood-based material.

That is why we take our products back at the end of their long life cycle and incorporate them 100% in the production of new megawood® articles.

Because the material of today is our raw material of tomorrow! This recycling management emphasizes our claim to an ecologically sustainable wood-based material and meets our responsibility towards future generations.

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„This is our contribution to the future of all our children and grandchildren.“(Holger Sasse, founder and managing director of NOVO-TECH)

The material of today is our raw material of tomorrow!

Our motto

How does the recirculation work?

If you no longer like the processed products made of our material or if you no longer need residual material, we will take back e.g. your used megawood® decking floorboards, fence elements, construction wood, rhombus profiles or facade panels free of charge. Please return the products to your megawood® dealer with recycling take-back. You will find them in our online dealer search marked with the Icon Recyclingsymbol.

In a recycling process developed by us, the old megawood® products are reprocessed and made reusable. They can thus be returned to production as normal. In this way, your old megawood® material is turned into a new generation of environmentally friendly products from megawood®, which also meet our quality standards.

This process is unique worldwide in the field of wood-polymer materials and underlines our own high standards for an ecologically sustainable and innovative production of environmentally friendly products.

Information for megawood® dealers


  • Anmeldung der Rücknahme
  • Lieferung leerer Gitterboxen
  • Sortierung grau
  • Sortierung braun
  • Sortierung verschiedenes
  • Abholung
  • Recycling
    Please order the number of required grid boxes* or register their return. We take care of the free delivery and removal. Please sort the delivered material according to the basic colors, free of foreign bodies and cut to a maximum length of 1,100 mm. In suitable packaging, we also take back megawood® accessories, such as snap-on clips, clips, FIX STEP, rubber pads or other parts made of stainless steel. Put them in a bag or cardboard box and enclose them with the mesh boxes for collection.
    * The deposit per return box is 79 EUR (net, plus VAT)

    All information about the take-back system and sorting can be downloaded in this PDF document.
    You would like to participate in the take-back system and be marked as a recycling dealer? Do you need mesh boxes or would you like to register a collection? Please contact us!
    Phone: 05201 / 189 - 330
    Fax: 05201 / 189 - 312
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Cradle to Cradle also at megawood®

    The approach for a consistent and integrated recycling economy was already designed in the late 1990s by the German chemist Prof. Michael Braungart and the US-American architect William McDonough.

    Raw material cycles play a central role within the Cradle to Cradle (C2C) concept. In the sense of "from origin to origin", consumer goods should be designed for a "strong biological cycle" and consumer goods for a "strong technical cycle". The aim is to use all materials in such a way that they can circulate continuously in cycles. In the certification process, products are evaluated according to such criteria as material health, recyclability, (use of) renewable energies, responsible use of water and social justice.

    Even in our entrepreneurial activities as well as in the development and production of our articles, we implement the philosophy of C2C from the very beginning. Additionally, we are working on an official C2C certification of our products.

    Logo C2C
    Since 2012, the e.V. has been promoting educational work on C2C in Germany and stands for the new way of thinking in dealing with raw materials.
    Logo NOVO-TECH
    The NOVO-TECH group of companies, founded in 2005, develops and produces all megawood® products at its headquarters in Aschersleben (Germany).
    Cradle to Cradle (C2C)

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