megawood im Härtetest mit Oliver Roggisch

"Safety not only in the air but also on earth"

Oliver Roggisch

In our series "megawood® in the endurance test by Oliver Roggisch", this time the professional athlete is transported to the highest low mountain range in Northern Germany. At the Rappbode dam in the Harz mountains, pure resin adrenalin is available and a new endurance test for Oli and our megawood® decking boards.

In the landing zone of the megazipline, Europe's largest double-rope slide, visitors are safely welcomed on our SIGNUM Muscat Deck after a one kilometre nosedive. An endurance test in many respects, explains Oliver Roggisch: "In winter it is really, really frosty here: snow, hail, wind, rain, storm - in other words, really weather conditions you wouldn't wish for. That's when you need the best material. Naturally megawood®."

Our decking boards are non-slip even under difficult conditions and above all free of dangerous splinters, the best conditions for a rapid approach. After a successful landing on our deck, Oli gets up close and personal, his conclusion: "Up to 360 people a day walk over this beautiful megawood® deck, all year round in wind and weather, snow - it doesn't matter. It's been here since the beginning of the year and looks like new - but it won't look any different in ten years, because it's simply top quality. Shake on it!"

Visit www.harzdrenalin.de

Adrenaline kick: "Your contrast programme"

The largest double-rope slide in Europe, the world's longest suspension bridge of its kind and a 75-metre deep pendulum jump - thrills are guaranteed!

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megawood® in the endurance test

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