Planning principles

• The basis for all types of laying is the megawood® construction plan. No guarantee can be assumed in the event of deviation from the construction plan!

• The terrace floorboards must be laid in a longitudinal direction with a sufficient gradient according to the principles of structural wood preservation in order to ensure that water is always guided away from the deck. If you observe this instruction, you will reduce deposits of organic substances, water stains and standing moisture.

• Ensure sufficient ventilation and rear ventilation.

• Prepare the circumferential soil formation 50 cm larger in size than the terrace deck and with a 4 % gradient.

• Create a frost-proof gravel or ballast bed with a 2 % gradient and apply crushed stone (in order to offset unevenness).

• Do not fill cavities between the construction beams, concrete edge stone or the Fix Step bases with crushed stone.

• Avoid contact with the soil (exception: construction plank).

• Lay the sub-construction system according to the construction plan.

• Avoid backwater by means of sufficiently-dimensioned drainage.

• Ensure an unrestrained expansion of the terrace deck (min. distance of 2 cm between the floorboards and solid components).

• In principle, pre-drill all holes in such a manner that the part to be fixed is 2 mm larger than the screw diameter and the retaining drill hole is 1 mm smaller than the screw diameter.

• All dimensions must be examined on the construction.

• Colour deviations on the floorboards are desired and underline the natural wood look.

• In order to support this effect, mix the floorboards before laying them.

• Observe the laying direction (refer to the arrow in the floorboard groove or on the label).

• Do not exceed the max. 5 cm floorboard protrusion over the sub-construction.

• Production-related dimension tolerances regarding length, width and thickness must be taken into account and tested during assembly


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