Construction concrete edge stone

with open gap

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Laying variants

Laying on old terraces

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Herringbone pattern



Open gap

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Construction at floor level

The terrace deck is constructed at a deeper level so the structure forms a single level with the surrounding ground surface. May only be constructed as a deck with open gap in order to ensure ventilation. A min. distance of 4 cm between the construction beams and rising, solid components must always be observed. A min. distance of 2 cm between the floorboards and rising, solid components must always be observed. Not suitable for Signum and Dynum floorboards if sufficient ventilation/rear ventilation cannot be ensured.

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 Laying on roof terraces

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  • Lay concrete edge stones (100 x 25 x 5 cm) at a centre distance of 65 cm on the gravel bed with gradient, turn the frontal side inwards by 5 cm in the direction of the construction beams.
  • Evenly distribute the construction beams (40 x 60  mm) transversely to the concrete edge stones, pay attention to a 5 cm protrusion.
  • Arrange two beams respectively at the start and the end. Lay 10 mm rubber pads beneath the construction beams, compensate for possible gradient differences using further rubber pads.
  • In the event of a terrace width greater than 360 cm, always arrange the construction beam joints in an offset manner (distance of 1 cm).
  • Cut the connecting clip to 32 cm, connect the beam joints with this clip and then tightly screw on one side.
  • Screw the ends of the construction beams throughout the entire edge area. Screw the two outer as well as the central construction beams with every second concrete edge stone. Cut the construction beams to size, ensuring they are flush.
  • Saw into the construction beam, lock the locking clamp edge in the groove.
  • Adhere the retaining band to the construction beam located centrally beneath the floorboards.
  • Insert the first floorboard into the house connection profile (optional), then push into the positioned edge clamps. Place the locking clamps on to the construction beam, lock using pliers („Zammer“ tool), push into the floorboard groove.
  • If there is a groove in the construction beam, it may be necessary to use a groove bridge in order to also be able to securely fasten the locking clamp in the gap area.
  • Take an intermediate measure after every three rows of floorboards and attach locking clamps to the construction beams in every third row of floorboards, repeat up until the penultimate floorboard.
  • Cut the floorboards to size in the edge area facing the construction beams, chamfer the cutting edge. See Figures 9a and 9b.
  • The frontal side of the smooth edge boards must be 1.2 cm shorter than the construction beams at the end of the terrace – pay attention to distances!
  • Circumferentially fasten smooth edge boards to the sub-construction. On the frontal side, screw the smooth edge board to the sub-construction beams.
  • Screw every 50 cm in a parallel manner along the construction beams, apply spacer screws between the smooth edge board and the construction beam.

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