Application examples

Plant pot

A stable plant pot is created from construction wood that matches the megawood® terrace.

megawood® Plant pot


Axial dimensions: max. 130 cm (40 x 112 mm), max. 160 cm (40 x 145 mm)

megawood® Bench



Ideal for small children: does not contain any dangerous splinters and is very durable. It can also be used as a raised garden bed later.
megawood® Sandpit


Fence elements made from megawood® construction planks and concrete: a combination that lasts for ever.

Clear dimensions/plank lengths: max. 170 cm / 180 cm (40 x 112 mm), max. 200 cm / 210  cm (40 x 145 mm)



The megawood® construction plank is the first choice even in areas that are put to heavy use. It can even be used as a footbridge board.

Axial dimensions: max. 100 cm (40 x 112 mm), max. 120 cm (40 x 145 mm)



The megawood® construction plank convinces with its weather resistance and stability.

Axial dimensions: max. 80 cm (40 x 112 mm), max. 100 cm (40 x 145 mm)




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